Discover the ancient canals of Xochimilco

Discover the ancient canals of Xochimilco, where for over 600 years indigenous peoples have transformed the landscape into a remarkable coexistence of humans and wildlife. A UNESCO World Heritage site and living remnant of the Aztecs, Xochimilco’s chinampa system of small islands within interconnecting canals is one of the most productive farming systems in history and a unique culture continues there to this day. While many people think of Xochimilco as a fun floating party on the colorful trajinera boats, an adventure in a kayak reveals a world of incredible bird life, a labyrinth of small water trails, tranquility, and beauty that is outside the reach of bigger boats. You will see the small farm and pastoral culture of the Xochimilca, many who still use the same sustainable systems and methods that have existed for hundreds of years. We will enter places where no cars can go, powerlines get left behind , and everything moves by boat, with amazing views of tree-lined canals and mountains all around. A few hours kayaking the calm waters of Xochimilco will change your perception of Mexico City forever!