Tour the Hidden Canals of Xochimilco

Our tours are designed to be a small group of 6 or less people and not disrupt the normal activities of the residents of Xochimilco. It takes around an hour to get to Xochimilco from the central city (Roma, Condesa, etc.). While it is possible to paddle the route in about 2 hours, it is far better to take some time to slow down, relax, and enjoy your surroundings. You will see a lot more wildlife that way, as well as give your arms a break here and there. So it depends on the group, but it’s between 3 and 4 hours. While paddling, we’ll get into the history, biology, and agriculture techniques of the area as we go.

kayak xochimilco group shot

We have single and double kayaks available. They are all sit-on-top style kayaks and very stable. There are a few options where we can launch, and whether you want less or more paddling, or more birdwatching. In general, the halfway point is the famous Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls), a both goofy and creepy attraction of Xochimilco. It is worth seeing and a good bathroom break spot as well. The entire tour is in the “ecological” part of Xochimilco, which is a different zone than many of the more crowded party zones.

If you want to combine a kayak adventure with a trajinera experience afterward, it is easy to leave from Embarcadero Cuemanco, which has all the restaurants, stores, trajinera boats and infrastructure. If you do stay longer to party it up or eat, you will need to get a taxi or Uber from there but that isn’t difficult and will cost you probably $250-300 pesos to get back to the city center ($12-15 US).

$60 US, $1200 pesos (3-4 hours)